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The OLIVESTATION™ is a very powerful Android based Quad Core Set-top box. It provides a superior TV experience with superfast channel zapping as well as the best Apps to complete your service.

  • Fresh & Clean Design
  • Quad Core CPU
  • Full HD 1080p up to Ultra HD 2k & 4k
  • LAN and Built-in Wi-Fi


The OLIVESTATION™ is fully compatible with the best HTML5 based Middleware solutions on the market today. Our developers have improved the Android OS media playback capabilities and coupled it with intelligent error correction to make it the best on the market, so it is safe to say that our customers will be very happy with this STB.

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Pin-point precise accuracy with this mouse.

Use all mouse functions up to 10 meters signal reach.

Surf quickly through you favorite websites in your website.

Use the very easy to use move hand-gestures.

Turn it into a controller, and play the greatest games.

Turn it into a remote control for your TV and video.